Monday, February 2, 2009

Frack Soy

Well we’re officially fracking (Battlestar Galactica series cuss word)  soy milk.  I hated feeding it to her anyways instead of breastfeeding but now its officially over, and for good reason.  Keira is allergic, yep allergic to soy.  I was suspicious of to begin with since she’s refused to nap and was always agitated but my suspicions became  really strong all day today.  First her butt got really really rash covered, I mean from in front of her vagina to the top crack part of her but and to her legs a bit.  And it only got worse when she had a bowel movement, when it would swell and turn redder if it had been going away.  Then I swore her face turned red, which Mike didn’t believe at first but when he fed her while I was at weight watchers tonight she had it instantly do it.  We’re talking cheeks and chin like cherries when I got home and it was supposedly worse earlier.  Not to mention her butt got way worse again all after eating.  So much so that  he and my Aunt, (who was over to help watch while he worked) gave her a 10 minute bath.  Luckily I had already called her doctor that afternoon telling her my hypothesis and got a 10:45 appointment for her tomorrow.  They were worried about the butt rash.  I was going to wait and continue the soy milk until told otherwise but after what happened with Mike while I was gone no fracking way.   We’ll see what the doctors will want to do tomorrow, maybe special formula or something who knows.  I just kind of hope its there to show them a bit so I don’t look silly but then again as Mike puts it he’d rather it was just gone.  And I agree with that too.

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Mama Bree said...

oh man that sounds awful!! I hope the dr has some good ideas on what to do next at your appt today....

good luck!