Monday, November 24, 2008

Dear Santa

Dear Santa for Christmas can I please have some toys and not clothes.  I have tons of those, in fact mommy says its hard to store them I have so much.  Toys are good though.  I have a few rattles a jumparoo, a swing and a lay downplay toy and that’s it I promise.  So if possible can I have some toys.  I promise I’ve been good so far this year you can ask my mommy and daddy.



Sunday, November 23, 2008

I’m so pro

Here’s a video of Keira playing with her new toy.

Oooo…. This toy is way cool!

Keira finally met the requirements for her rain forest jumparoo that Mike’s step grandmother got her as a lovely gift. She had to be able to hold her head up on her own for it.  Here are some pictures of her enjoying the new toy.



DSC_0039DSC_0040 DSC_0041

Who taught her such bad manners…

Keira’s come up with a new habit.  Yep a proper lady one at that.  What is it you say…why flipping up her dress to flash of course.  No we did not teach her that.

DSC_0008DSC_0007 DSC_0012

Now here are some more lady like pictures in her pretty dress.

DSC_0001DSC_0006 DSC_0005

Here I am

Here are some recent pictures of Keira with her beloved daddy.  Both sporting morning hair I might add.



IMG_0895 IMG_0896  IMG_0886 IMG_0887 IMG_0888

Oh the torture

This outfit is really cute and it was her very first 3-6 outfit.  The shirt says Don’t laugh daddy dressed me.  So naturally I had to put a bunch of bows in her hair.  She’s mad in the picture though because she didn’t want to be sat down. 


Friday, November 21, 2008

So this is what’s been going on

So… Keira’s still teething off an on.  So my mom was probably right about her being like me (teething is hereditary by the way) and I got my teeth in stages not all in one go so she’s probably doing the same thing she I haven’t seen or felt anything yet.  She’s also able to fit into her 3-6 month outfits though she still wears her 0-3 pants (she just started wearing those).  She also figured out how to use her thumb to help hold things so now she can grip things between it and her pointer finger.

As for Mike and I we’re doing alright.  He’s busy with work while I’m busy watching little Ms. Keira.  We’ve been trying to figure out a nice way to have her fall asleep without it being on one of us.  Which sadly so far means she screams her head off in her crib for 10 or 20 minutes until we pick her up and once again allow her to fall asleep on us.  Bad we know but what else are we supposed to do.  Mike thinks she just might not be old enough yet for that but we also don’t want her to be like my cousin Theresa’s oldest daughter who at two still demanded sleeping on people or she wouldn’t go to bed.  So if anyone has a genius idea please let me know. 

As for me I’ve been attempting to eat better.  Shocking I know and difficult since I don’t like healthy things.  I really need to lose weight though and I’d love to work out as well but I can only really do that if a certain little someone is asleep and not on me. After all you trying running on an elliptical with a three month old asleep on you.  Same with sit ups and such of course. Besides the weight thing, which sucks and makes me heavier than Mike now who just recently dropped a bunch of pounds without trying very hard. (jerk) Men suck that they can do that, and from his stomach no less.   Yes I know I’m just jealous who wouldn’t be when he just drops 10 pounds without really trying (he does occasionally run on the elliptical) and then points it out to you telling you how he’s lost his tummy a bit. (And he has) Oh how I want to lose mine too. =(

Well anyways we’re hosting Thanksgiving at our house for my family. Hosting not cooking I might point out, my mom’s doing that.  I don’t cook willingly and there’s no way I starting any Thanksgiving traditions of me cooking.  ( If you don’t know I’m not one for food, except dessert, hence why I see no reason to cook.  No love for the food so why on earth would I want to do it just make it is my view.) Anyways, my parents and aunt and uncle will be coming over for it.  Possibly my other aunt (my dad’s older sister, the eldest) as well which would make my dad’s whole family.  I invited my friend Christie to come since she never celebrates it with her family but I highly doubt she will since she just had another surgery for her chest yesterday. (she had breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy so their slowly rebuilding her chest for her.  This is her second surgery for it since she had complications with the first one for it)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Three months old

Keira turned three months old today.  She’s gotten really big and it feels like she was just born only a month ago.  She’s been doing really well but the past few days she’s been moody and majorly droolly.  I told my mom that and she suggested Keira might be teething already.  Apparently I started early and from what I’ve looked up it follows whatever the parents were.  Mom said I stared early but my teeth came in in stages so that my be what’s happening to Keira.  She definitely fits everything about teething that I have in my baby book for the first year.  At first I thought she was perhaps sick but it didn’t seem quite right and teething definitely fits it so Mike and I agree that may be just what she’s going through which explains why she’s so cranky and not herself.  She’s been only wanting to sleep literally on me and won’t willingly sleep in her crib. To the point that I’ve just napped with her on me, something I’d normally never do but she’s feeling crummy and she and I just both wanted a nap. Hopefully this will end soon though so our sweet little girl comes back.

Aren’t I cute


While visiting my mom she packed a few outfits for Keira while I wasn’t looking here’s one of them that she fits.  Unfortunately mom didn’t give them all at a good time so some automatically didn’t fit her. The shirt says Grandpa’s little princess.




Keria’s been really into her hands lately so we finally gave her the rattle we were given before she was born.  It’s the harder one but we needed to give her that one because the soft ones were too big for her to grasp.  Here are two videos of her showing off her skills.

Boom Shi Ba da Ba da

Yet its the hit rage Boom Shi ba da ba da finally caught on tape.  As some of you have seen I do a cute dance with Keira that normally always makes her happy.  If it doesn’t you know she’s in a really bad mood and nothings stopping it.  My mom finally filmed me doing it with her and yep sure enough she’s smiling and talking through it.  Here it is for all your viewing pleasure.

New friends come from mommy’s high school friends

My good friend from high school Roxy came over to my mom’s house with her now three year old daughter Genevieve.  (She turned three on Halloween)  Genevieve is really cute but beware because this little one thinks its fun to torture cats so we moms kept a wary eye on her with Keira just in case.  She was great though and here’s a video of them together with my mom.

Look at me swing

Here’s a video of Keira swinging at her swing at Grandma’s house.  My mom bought her one as well as a basinet/play yard like we have.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Friends and more babies

This morning we ate breakfast with my cousins Amber, Cathy and her daughter Maddie and son Tyler and our Grandmother  and of course my mo this morning. After that we had a bit of a break before Keira and I ate lunch with our friends Jenny and Andrea at Macaroni Grill up at North County Fair Mall.  Andrea brought her new baby boy Parker and almost 2 year old (in January) Penelope with her.  Both of them were so cute and Penelope even said Keria’s name several times and called her  cute.  Here are some pictures of our get together.  


Jenny holding Penelope                                         Parker asleep



Penelope                                                                               Andrea, her daughter Penelope and Jenny

Family get together movies

Here are all the little videos I shot at our family get together yesterday.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Family Reunion all posed up

Here are all the officially done pictures of us.  Officially meaning we grouped ourselves on purpose.DSC_0016


The whole gang minus my dad and the other Al who arrived later.


All the grandkids minus Therese’s



                                                      The cousins in two groupings



My grandmothers three great grand children                         Therese’s whole family minus Tom

Family Reunion Candid's

Here are some random pictures I took at our family reunion.








Family Reunion

Today Keira and I went to a huge family get together for my side of the family.  The largest in truth that I’ve ever been to.  The only people missing were Mike, and a few of my cousins, Stephen, Nathan, Lisa and Sara who lives across country.  My cousins Amber and Stephens wife Cathy and their children flew out for it like I did.  Amber from Nor Cal and Cathy, Maddie and Tyler from Oregon. It was great because all the great grand children were there and I got to see my cousin Therese and her daughters again and I hadn’t seen the girls since they were born.  And the older ones are 7 and 6.  Here’s some pictures from the event.



Zoe and Maddie playing in the leaves                                             Therese’s daughters Zoe and Lily



Mom holding Tyler                                                                   Therese and her youngest Tehyah


IMG_0853 Cathy and Sally holding Tyler and Keira with Al in the back      Mom, Sally and Cathy with all the babiesIMG_0856










Me holding Tyler

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My first time in San Diego

Keira and I flew to San Diego today and luckily for us they allowed Mike to come up with to the gate.  I were supposed to fly with her on my lap but the flight wasn’t full so they allowed her to have her own seat for her car seat.  She was really great for the flight and slept the whole time. When we arrived my parents picked us up and it was sprinkling a bit down at the airport but not any where else.  After we left the airport we stopped to get lunch and to visit my grandma who flew us out for a visit.  We’ll be seeing her more with that whole side of the family tomorrow so we only stayed for a bit  before heading up to see Kym on her only day off.  Here are some pictures of my mom with Keira.