Sunday, April 19, 2009


Sorry it took me so long to update but I’m running windows 7 and every time it gets an update Mike has to reinstall windows live writer for me because it locks up permanently. Which it did again and I had to wait until he could fix it.  Anyway the new pictures are up and such now for you to enjoy.  Mike, Keira and I are going to San Jose tomorrow until Thursday for Keira and I and Friday for Mike. We’re tagging along while he goes for business.  After that we have my cousin Amber’s wedding in San Diego on the First and we’ll probably go to Kym’s nursing graduation on the 17th.  Donno for sure though because I found out I need surgery on my sinuses and such. 


My nose apparently isn’t straight on the inside so the doctor has to fix that so I have a better ability to breath (not that I have a problem breathing but it could block drainage) and he has to go in and remove a polyp on my lower right sinus. It’s blocking a lot apparently and if it grows any more it will block all my sinuses from draining.    Apparently its the cause of my bad pressure on that side which makes my teeth ache.  The surgery will probably give me black eyes, we’ll see since its right under my eye.  Oh and the fun part is for two weeks afterwards I can’t lift anything over ten pounds.  Anyone know anything that weights more than that…like I don’t know Keira?!?!  Yeah, Mike will get stuck toting her around for me.  I’m sure he’ll really enjoy that.  The doctor said he won’t guarantee this will fix everything though since my pain isn’t just where the polyp is so if this all doesn’t work I get to see a Neurologist because I guess it could have something to do with my neck being possibly messed up.  Or at least that’s what my sinus specialist says since according to him the pain from the neck area can manifest in your sinuses just over your eyes.  Which is where I get my constant headaches. 

How to see if the pools warm enough

Dunk Keira in it and see how she reacts!  Yep, sadly Mike did that for fun.  He did know that it wasn’t too bad first, he just didn’t know if it was warm enough for her yet.  I voted for no on that and so did Keira.







Went to the botanical gardens again

When my mom was in town we went to the botanical gardens again and this time went into the butterfly exhibit which Keira loved.  Here are some videos and pictures from our gaunt.



IMG_0291 IMG_0293 IMG_0294 IMG_0296











more videos

recent videos

Here are some videos of Keira drinking from a straw at Islands,  shopping for stuff herself and such.


So screwed

Yep, she’s already at it.  And if anyone noticed a little hacker the other day well…Keira declares she’s only 8 months old so it wasn’t her that cracked anything.   That she’ll admit to. Seriously she’s just playing baby smash it.  My poor lap top…. =(




DSC_0008DSC_0009 DSC_0010