Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bath time

Here’s a video I filmed today of splash girl.

Mom’s on the go

Here’s one picture from the Mom’s on the Go class Keira and I go to that her hospital up in Scottsdale does.  It’s far so I don’t go with her often, if it were close we’d go every week.  But I like the fact her lactation specialist nurse Chris runs it and I like all the ladies and babies that go. IMG_0091

That’s Keira with her back to you.  Angie with her daughter Maria (whose 1 day older by the way)  A new mom and six month her daughter whose names I forget and Ilea and her eight month daughter Leah.  (Like princess Leah from star wars) There as also Robbie whose one month and his mom too.  Our group varies in size and there can but like 10 moms at one time.

Yep I’m cool …I know

Here are some videos of our ‘big’ girl playing the big girl way.

I’m so big

Keira’s becoming such a big girl so quickly. As Mike put it it’s a whole other game now with her playing. Because… dun da da dun !!! She can sit up.

Recent Videos

Here are some recent videos of Keira I’ve taken.  The first lot is from when my mom was over last week.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Armed and Dangerous

Keira is now officially armed and dangerous as her daddy discovered when he put his finger naively in her mouth.  Yep one of her first bottom front teeth came in, well broke through.  You can’t see it unless you look really hard but the top of the tooth finally just punctured through her gums.  You can feel it though as Mike learned when his finger expectantly hit something sharp. Needless to say this morning she felt much better but than this evening she’s been very crabby and upset.  Which makes me think that its not done yet or it has a friend who wants to join it. 

Monday, February 16, 2009

Giant pink puff balls!!!

Ahhh!!! It’s a giant pink marshmallow run for your lives!!  Oh wait…. its just Keira, my bad.  We went this weekend (Sat midday to Sun Midday) up to Flagstaff. Which basically ended up being for us to use a cool dog park.  Yep, 200 mile drive for a dog park…..  we know…. its sad.  But Keira’s too young for us to do anything fun!  Mike wouldn’t even let me plop her in the snow.  Just because he thought she’d hate it. =(  Meanie…. By the way that’s a 12 month outfit she got from her cousin Maddie.  We couldn’t find one up in Flagstaff that was her size.  You think snow places would have them…..




DSC_0017DSC_0018 DSC_0019








What is this?! Who stole my grass???

Can you spot Inari’s little problem.  Where’s her grass.  hehee







If you haven’t figured it out its under the snow!  And no…this isn’t Phoenix.  The world would know if we got snow. It’s Flagstaff.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bee my Valentine…

Bee mine is what her shirt says so hence the bee.   Here are some pictures and a video of Keira on Valentines day.  The monkey balloon (ironic since we saw them today) is what she gave her daddy, alone with a signed card.  Yep she worked very hard with mommy and signed it, lefty of course. =)







Our own little monkey

Here’s Keira playing in her jumperoo on some videos for you. (bad quality again sorry) Poor little butterfly….

Monkeys!! Monkeys!!

Yeah for Monkeys.  Here’s some video I shot of them while we were in the exhibit.  Sorry it sucks we realized afterwards that it was on lower quality.  They all probably have been lately, don’t know when it switched.

More zoo pictures

Here are more pictures from the zoo. And yes…it does seem like a lot but actually it’s not.  Mike and I took 236 pictures, yep 236. 




The zoo has a really cool section where you can actually go in the same area as monkeys, nothing in between you at all. They said there’s only 5 places in the world that do this and the rest are in Europe or Africa.




DSC_0141DSC_0140 DSC_0144

Ok, back to the rest of the zoo…