Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mom’s on the go

Here’s one picture from the Mom’s on the Go class Keira and I go to that her hospital up in Scottsdale does.  It’s far so I don’t go with her often, if it were close we’d go every week.  But I like the fact her lactation specialist nurse Chris runs it and I like all the ladies and babies that go. IMG_0091

That’s Keira with her back to you.  Angie with her daughter Maria (whose 1 day older by the way)  A new mom and six month her daughter whose names I forget and Ilea and her eight month daughter Leah.  (Like princess Leah from star wars) There as also Robbie whose one month and his mom too.  Our group varies in size and there can but like 10 moms at one time.

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