Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Off milk…again

So… The doctor agrees because of her facial reaction that Keira’s allergic to soy.  She’s still suspicious of cows milk so now I can’t have milk again…and I can’t use soy as an alternative, or goats milk because its iffy in her eyes.  That leaves rice milk….interesting name we’ll see how crappy it tastes.  She said she wouldn’t judge it by her butt because Keira has such sensitive skin that it over shows its issues since its so pale and exceptionally sensitive.  That is getting better though and she finally napped today, which she didn’t do at all with the soy milk.  As for the soy the doctor says its unusual to just be allergic to it, which we find funny since its one of the top eight things to be allergic to.  She also said that if she ends up being allergic to cows milk as well then she’s one of like 30%.  She’s not lactose intolerant mind you.  Its a protein thing she thinks and apparently that’s different from lactose intolerant, adults just seem to use the term loosely.


Oh and can I point out that my normal menu now is like nonexistent.  I eat and love a lot of dairy products (ice cream rating #1) and sadly if it doesn’t have dairy…it has soy. =(  See a dilemma forming.  I do.  I mean I can’t have regular spaghetti sauce, egos, my favorite peanut butter or gram crackers for Christ sakes. Gram crackers… I didn’t even know those had soy in them!  (sigh) and I like them too…  So… I guess no real food for me until god knows when.  She didn’t give me a time length just that we have to test Keira’s poop in a week.    Hopefully it will be over soon…before I wilt away and die from unhealthy, I mean overly healthy foods.  (cringe) 

Next though would be hyper allergenic baby food, which is really expensive.  Our friends son Logan was on it and if we remember correctly it was like thirty bucks for some small can of it.  The doctor agreed and teased forget college its formula.

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