Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy half birthday to Keira

Today Keira’s 6 months old, yet six months were has the time all gone.  As her gift she got to see her Dr. and get 4 out of her 5 shots.  Dr. Lichtsinn didn’t want to give her the last because it was the only live virus and with Keira’s tummy unstable in her eyes from soy and possibly milk she didn’t want to risk it.  As for that she said I need to be milk free for at least another month and then we’ll see how she is from there.  =(


Keira’s measurements are 26 inches tall (1 inch taller then at 3 months) which makes her in the 50-75 percentile.  17 1/4 inches for her head, making her in the 75-90 percentile (but big heads run in my family and that must mean more brain power right) and finally 16 pounds 3 ounces for her weight making her in the 50-75 percentile.  That’s a group higher than what she’s ever been.  Keira’s always was in the 25% before this so yeah for weight gain!

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