Sunday, December 21, 2008

Getting bigger

Keira’s definitely getting bigger.  I forgot to mention it awhile back but she’s changed diaper sizes from a Kirkland 1-2 go a Kirkland 3.  (Their Costco diapers)  Which in Pampers is moving to a size 2. We know this because her Doctors office gives you the ability to use some of their diapers if you didn’t happen to have one.  And since Mike had been saying that hers were looking like “Thongs” in his words on her I decided to try one out.  They weren’t like that just to set the record straight but they did make her look she had a really fat tummy. Anyways the bigger diaper fit really well so we went out and got more of the correct size that day.  I donated what she had left unused to a diaper drive her Doctor’s office was doing.

Keira’s also gotten taller that’s for sure.  She still fits most of her 3-6 onsies and such but that’s definitely not true for her sleeping outfits or anything with feet.  Keira’s gotten so tall (25 inches) that she wears 6 month outfits now and if its a Gerber outfit. (She got some as a gift) She’s barely fitting a 6-9.  Gerber as you can see runs small so I’d definitely stay away from them for our growing little girl. Knowing her with growing though I’m not sure how much longer she’ll even be fitting her 6 month outfits.  Right now her feet barely fit inside the foot section (too little feet wise)  but she was like that not long ago with her 3-6 outfits and then suddenly she was barely fitting in them in a bad way for her little toes.

Friday, December 19, 2008

It’s war…. Inari v.s. Isis

Alright our cats have finally gotten used to Inari.  Or at least we think they have since they like to attack her now.  Inari of course thinks this is all a cool game.  I’m not sure though it Isis, Scarlett and Loki feel the same way though.  Eros doesn’t like her at all still and Inari’s not stupid enough to go after el groucho.  Here’s a video of her and Isis going at it.  Isis looks hilarious, half the time her tails totally bushed out.

Talkie Talk Keira

Yep our little miss is talking up a storm.  Ok, cooing up one since she doesn’t actually talk in adult form yet. She’s been on the move vocally for about two weeks now and as Mike puts it we’re never going to shut her up now.  Him of course meaning because she’s a girl and girls talk a lot, in his book.  I’m offended too I know.  After all we girls would never do something like that. hehehe.  But sadly for me it is true and since she’s mommy’s little minion she’ll probably be the same.  Here are some videos of her talking away.

This is the weirdest bottle ever…

Dr. Lichtsinn gave us permission to try Keira out on stage one solids.  So to test out this idea we gave her pears.  Here’s her first ever experience. And yes, surprisingly enough she did very good.  Except the whole spoon thing of course that…was just weird in her book.

Friday, December 12, 2008

4 month checkup

We took Keira for her four month check up today and she is 25 inches tall and just 1/2 an ounce from 13 pounds.  Which puts her in the 75 percentile for her height and 25-50 percentile in weight.  Her doctor isn’t concerned about her weight though.  She also said Keira’s head is normal now (if you remember it was flatter on the right) so yeah! We don’t have to worry about that.  Keira though got attacked by the evil shot monster i.e. the nurse for her second set of shots. When we come in at six months in February she’ll get the last of this set and then the nurse said she’ll get a six month reprieve.

Dr. Lichtsinn also said that we can start giving her rice cereal and stage one veggies and such to try.  It won’t replace breast feeding but will allow her to try and ‘regular’ way of eating.  We also asked her about Keira’s bad habit of needing to fall asleep on us and she said sooner is better for breaking her of it… and that includes her 4am sudden need for food that’s been lately happening.  I’m supposed to feed her more during the day to get my milk up for her so that she doesn’t need that.  If she does try to get us up we’re supposed to ignore her for a bit and then be ‘boring’ if we see her.  Not feed her and such unless she’s sick or just won’t stop. Well that’s it for the update.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another video

Here’s a short clip from when Leann was over.  Just turn your head sideways and you’ll see it just fine.

See it paid off…

Since Keira was in her mimicking stage Mike’s been sticking out his tongue and having her copy him.  Now you can see his hard work in play.  Yep, my daughter now thinks its cool to greet people with her tongue. How thoughtful…


Here’s a lovely video of Keira going jumping mad in her jumparoo.  That or she found a stash of candy we didn’t know about and put it in her milk.

And yes…we improvised for her height issue.  Bouncers after all aren’t any fun if you can’t actually touch the ground to bounce.

Zoo light videos

Here are some videos we shot of what was going on at Zoo Lights.

Recent photos

Here are some resent photos of Keira.




IMG_0914IMG_0905 IMG_0906


Zoo Lights

Mike and I took Keira to Zoo lights with our friend Jordan and her daughter.  It was really cool and all lit up though most of the zoo was closed off.  Jordan was surprised it was our first time there but as Mike said and I agree, we’ve been to the San Diego Zoo so why would we need to go there.  Here are some pictures of it.  





DSC_0016DSC_0017 DSC_0053DSC_0060










Here’s Jordan, Hannah, Mike and Keira above and without Keira beneath.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Toys R Us…

In my last update I said I put some ideas on a wish list for Keira at Toys R Us.  My mom went today and they couldn’t pull it up for some reason even though I can see it online.  So for those who care I sent an email connection to my mom, Mike’s mom and his Aunt Cathy.  I didn’t have all the emails and that way at least one person from each side of the family has it and others can get it from them if needed.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Well tomorrow we’ll be taking our first family pictures together at Kiddie Kandids and Keira will also be getting her Christmas photos done there too.  As for us we’re doing alright just busy.  We finally got her a real jogging stroller for our walks, a Bob Revolution.  Not that her other one is bad or anything cause its not.  It’s just not meant for speed walking or running, its very dangerous for that actually with all the rotating wheels. It also wasn’t fun to do on our sidewalks because of all the bumps on it and we could never take the nice dirt paths all around our division.  So now that one can retire from walks do what its supposed to do, which is for shopping places and such.  As for Christmas ideas for Keira if you need any toy ideas I created a wish list at Toys R Us. 

Presenting soon to be Dr. Leann Williams… and Keira

My really good friend Leann came out from Omaha Nebraska where she’s going to school to be a Doctor, a Peds one to be exact so if we’re lucky Keira will have a really good one we personally know. =)  Anyways Leann will graduate in May along with practically everyone else I know who’s still in school.  She came out to interview for one of several places to do her residency program.  She did several just here and more back east and in L.A.  While she was out she just had to see Keira.  In fact she told me she wanted to really really see her and oh yeah me too.  Just not as much as Keira. Yep, I see the love  I know.  hehehe Anyways here are some pictures from her visit.  Keira by the way was perfect for her didn’t even cry once.  Which she bragged about leaving because when she handed her back to me yep… I got cried at.  Oh and I know she blinks a lot.  In fact she’s the only person I know who blinks more than me.  God bless her for that. =)