Thursday, September 4, 2008

Future super model... Watch out Vogue here she comes

We took Keira today to get her picture taken so that we can finally send out some announcements.  Yes, you will be getting some soon.  Just give us some time to get them out there are a lot to address, over 40, and we're don't exactly have a lot of free time on our hands.  They did give us a cd though so here's a taste for you all of you impatient ones.

554023034_03 554023034_04 554023034_12 554023034_05 554023034_16 554023034_17 

No Mike pictures with her I know I tried to get him to pose with her but he said he'd wanted to wait until we did family ones.  I found out later from him that he didn't realize I was going to get more than just some announcements for us even though I told him to dress up.  Now he's kind of kicking himself for it but oh well we'll just go back again in awhile.

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