Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby cousin

Keira's baby cousin Tyler Cade Anderson (my older cousin Stephen and his wife Cathy's son) was born today at 4:50 PM. He's 21 inches and 8 pounds 5 ounces but unlike Keira he wasn't 3 weeks early so who knows she could've beaten him.  Tyler was only a bit early, about one week to be exact, since Cathy was supposed to be induced on the 21 but her blood pressure went up and they had to induce her a.s.a.p. instead. baby_Tyler_052




This is Keira's second cousin by them by the way she has an older one named Maddie who's a toddler now. Maddie's the one who donated 90% of Keira's current wardrobe to her. Thank you Maddie for that!

baby_Tyler_008 This is Maddie

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