Sunday, August 17, 2008

Spicing up bath time

Today we gave Keira a sponge bath for the first time and she decided to spice up her bath tub (which we were using just to hold her while we used wash clothes to clean her) by having a bowel movement in it.  We had smartly kept her diaper on her until we had to remove it for cleaning that area and of course she strategically struck right then.  Luckily we rescued her from it before she turned herself into a dirty mess and ironically she gave us something to put in her inappropriate baby record book, which lists suck things in it instead of a typical record baby that records expected events.  We have both by the way so no worries we're recording the normal things as well, its just fun to have the other as well.


Mama Bree said...

ahhh good times. just this morning Logan decided to make a SMEAR of a mess all over the changing pad for Jon. hehehehehe

Anonymous said...

Expect the unexpected and you won't get too phased by these sorts of cute little episodes. Did I tell you about the time Greg and I were going out to dinner when Michael was about 1 week old and when I sat him on my lap he proceeded to leak right through his diaper onto my dress? Those were the good old days.