Thursday, August 21, 2008

It finally fell off

Sorry it's been awhile abut I ended up ripping out one of my episiotomy stitches somehow and have been in a lot of pain ever since.  I went to my doctor because of it and she said I was ok stitch wise still but gave me pain killers for it.  She also told me I was on my feet way too much and that I needed to stay in bed so I've been doing just that.

Anyway, on the 19th Keira had her umbilical cord fall off.  Truthfully though I think it might have been pulled off the rest of the way (it had been nearly all the way off) by her low riding diaper.  She had been really fussy which for her typically means 'feed me' now.  I was doing just that but it wasn't really stopping her fussing and when I unwrapped her swaddle to check if it was a dirty diaper instead I discovered to my horror that her diaper was practically falling off and somehow it was still very tight on her.  I couldn't even pull it upwards to cover her bottom that's how tight it was.  Naturally I rushed her upstairs and changed it so that it wouldn't hurt her and during that her umbilical cord fell off.  The area around it though had some slight blood so that's what lead me to believe her 'evil' diaper had a hand in it.    DSC_0006DSC_0010

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