Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jaundice Report

As many of you know we've been taking Keira to the doctor a lot this week.  To the point Mike and I are counting days we haven't been in Scottsdale (which is 22 miles away one way) Since she was born the doctors suspected Keira might have Jaundice but her test results always came back high but ok for not being it.  Since we left the hospital we've made many treks up Scottsdale for blood work on her since she still remained very orange looking and the whites of her eyes were yellowish.

The first of these treks was on Friday, then Monday  which ended up with me receiving a voice message on my cell that told me to have her done again the next day and as soon as possible on that day. (Quite persistently, I might add)  So we again trekked up on Tuesday to have blood work only to surprisingly have the doctor call us and schedule to see us that day.  (Dr. Lichtsinn did this because she realized that though a misunderstanding of words she used (she had said next and not this) we had scheduled to see her the following and not that day and since she knew that we lived far away and were at the nearby hospital getting blood work she called to get us in that day.)

Anyway, we of course went to see her and  killed time at a Borders until her appointment, which had to be at least an hour later so that they could get the lab results.  When we saw Dr. Lichtsinn we learned that Keira had spiked Jaundice wise on Monday and that that day (Tuesday) her results were lower. She explained to us that spiking is actually a good thing because they always generally speaking go down afterwards which is exactly what Keira was apparently doing.  So all in all Keira did in fact have a low level case of Jaundice and now will return to being normal and not orange toned  in color, something we're already seeing in her legs. (If you don't know Jaundice starts at the head in color and works down to the feet from there.  When it goes away it starts and the feet and goes up to the head)

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Mama Bree said...

holy cow, I had no idea you guys were dealing with all that jaundice stuff!! :( but, glad to hear things are much better now :)

how's life with the baby?? a couple weeks old now, right? hope all is going well....