Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Addicted already....a born Techie

Yes, its sad to say but Keira knows what the Xbox is already.  Not that mommy exposed her to it or anything.  (looks innocently around)  She just happened to be on my lap and happened to help me play Too Human I swear!  After that though it apparently went down hill since Mike caught her like this. hehehe...  

DSC_0009Yes...that is an Xbox controller.  Yes, the controller is backwards but give her a break she's only 13 days old in this picture.  Besides it takes real talent to play that way don't you know.  =)


Ok fine, maybe a certain boy might have given her the controller but you'll never get him to confess. Though I did have to point out to the unnamed culprit. *coughs* Mike.  When I saw this picture that he put it on her wrong and she couldn't possibly game that way. 

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