Saturday, October 24, 2009

Holiday Plans

Since it’s probably not expected to most of the family here’s are our holiday plans.

Thanksgiving: Normally we don’t come out lately for Thanksgiving……probably will this year. (We’ll see how we feel.)  After all it’s a long drive for a day thing when you have a one year old so that’s why we normally rather not.  Who knows our our laziness may win this year too. 

Possible affecting factor: I have to get an ultrasound soon (Nov. 4) just for them to check something on me and not the baby so since that sounds a bit weird to me who knows I may be unexpected banned from stuff like travel for some reason.  (Something about checking my veins with it again because they were larger then expected and being worried about my blood pressure going up when its naturally low.)  Why exactly for sure that bothers them I don’t know.  My What to Expect When Your Expecting book though says that higher blood pressure is fine by itself to occur but can be an issue if there are some other signs involved.  Together those signs would be indicators for preeclampsia or better known perhaps to some as toxemia.  Which for those who don’t know what either is it’s basically the poisoning of my blood and of course would be bad and could lead to bed rest or a lovely long stay at the hospital so that they can make sure I don’t deliver early. (Severe cases do so automatically but those are never people who had prenatal and have gone past preeclampsia and into something worse call eclampsia.)  Anyways, I knew someone who was in hospital 2 months before their child was born because of preeclampsia.  SUCKY.  But like I said there would need to be more signs so that may be why they’re nervous about my veins and want to ultrasound me for it again.  That said only like 8% of all pregnant women get it, which the nurses on both sides of the families will tell you so don’t freak out that I will actually have it. 

Christmas, we always do the drive and multiple house thing…..this year… know where we live. Yep… that’s right you heard me right, I said you know where we live. It’s home this year for us not San Diego, San Marcos or Irvine.

Why you ask?  Well since I’m pregnant there’s a no travel time put on us pregos and yep… Mine’s right at Christmas so if you want to see us for Christmas well…. You know where we live. (That does not mean we’re housing everyone by the way.  We’ve got 1 guest room 1! …And I guess maybe the babies room if we had too but we’re not a hotel.) I say this because we suggested it one year for Xmas and Grandpa Craft teased we’d better be able to hold everyone then room wise.

And of course our house is where to send our gifts too just so you know.  =) (Keira wants that mentioned since it’s very important to her.) That said it’s kind of nice to stay home for once… after all I can see and use my Christmas tree!  Whoo hoo!  Normally it gets little love and is rather a burden then a cool thing but I won’t let Mike not get one because that would be well… just sacrilege to someone who grew up on Christmas Card Lane.  (That’s three streets who do the big signs for everyone to drive by if you don’t know the areas Christmas events)

So anyways that’s our Holiday plans this year. Figured everyone should be told before we’re just not there or just suddenly there. =) Or its way to late for make other plans for seeing us when it wasn’t expected…i.e. Christmas.

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