Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Photos

Went to Kiddie Kandids with my aunt Sheri today to get Keira’s Halloween pictures done.  I was good and only bought for us but with how pricey crap can be I opted for my own cd so I can take them to Costco myself.  Mahahaha.  She was great as Snow White, was a real witch for her witch (ironic I know) and decided she should be held by mommy for Cinderella so yeah…THAT was interesting to try and shoot.   At least they turned out well and she got a nap on the car ride home.  Which is unusual for her to take a second one. 

554025936_01 554025936_03 554025936_04 554025936_05 554025936_06 554025936_07 554025936_08 554025936_09 554025936_11 554025936_12 554025936_13 554025936_14 554025936_15 554025936_16 554025936_17 554025936_22 


 554025936_25  554025936_29   554025936_31554025936_32 554025936_41 554025936_45 554025936_49 554025936_35554025936_50 554025936_51

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