Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Family update

OK we just got back from San Diego for Thanksgiving and yes we have pictures.  I just haven’t uploaded them because I have a new monitor now which doesn’t have usb ports on its side and I have no extra slots on my computer.  I.E. Mike needs to do it or I need more ports. I vote more ports.   Anyways we had fun and Keira loved eating at the big table with all the big people food.  The weather though was raining for a lot of it and with Keira’s common bad mood from teething we decided to bail out on Sunday rather then stay till Monday. 


Baby news:

Went to my doctor today for my next regular appointment which had this ‘fun’ thing for me to do plus an ultrasound they unexpectedly threw at me the day before.  I.E. I got to do my Glucose test, which is mandatory for all expectant moms and if you haven’t done one it requires you to drink a dreadfully sweet fruit punch like drink and then not be able to have anything to wash it down with for an hour until they draw blood.  It’s even too sweet for me and that’s saying something.  I can tolerate it if I drink it over like three to five minutes but I’d probably puke if I tried to just down it in one go.  Anyways I did that and got my ultrasound done while I burned my hour of waiting.  Which apparently almost cost me having to do the damn glucose test again because I had three minutes left  out of the 15 minute grace period to get my blood drawn.  Why they didn’t just come and get me I don’t know but I would’ve been pissed if I had to come back to do it just because of them messing up scheduling.  Anyways, my doctor came in at the end and demanded info from the tech.  The tech you see reports to someone else first and that someone made her wait a month for the last results which they just told me about yesterday. 

According to Dr. Hunt our baby boy is still in the normal range for his ultrasound results but he’s on the very bottom of it.  He ranked 12 percentile this scan and below 10 they start getting uncomfortable.  He was 8th last time I might add so at least he’s growing which is what she said she wants/needs to see.   Because of all this though she’s decided I have to report to the Osborn’s birthing center (where I’ll have him and had Keira) for twice a week baby monitoring unless of course I have an ultrasound that week then I don’t have to go.  Lucky for us I guess that she booked one for Christmas week.  This of course will be a pain for us both, me because its freaking 35 miles one way to get to and Mike because guess who he gets while I’m there for 45 minutes of testing plus drive time,  yep, Keira.  I could technically bring her but I have to lay still and yeah can you see Keira quietly sitting on my lap or something like that.  Not quite…but it’s a nice delusion.

Along with all this I also got informed that he’s still obsessing about his beloved placenta or in layman terms he’s still head up with his face happily against it (he’s been posed there for every freaking ultrasound we’ve had)  when most babies have started meandering head down.  I was told by the tech that he’s basically got two weeks to get his act in gear since I’m 30 weeks right now and most babies don’t move their position after they’re 32 weeks.  To top it off Dr. Hunt told me that because of two factors, his small size and my apparently unusually shaped placenta (its like two kidneys which only one is connected directly to me and the other one connected to the first part via something instead of a whole piece like normal), she cannot at all risk turning him if he is breach.  For that procedure only I’d be considered high risk because of his size and the possibility of damaging my placenta in the process, which yes…would be a very bad thing to do since it’s kind of his life line.   Anyways that’s why we’re getting another ultrasound in three weeks no doubt, to check his progress position wise as well as size wise.  I might add this boy should feel like a freaking movie star already.  Keira had like two more then normal ultrasounds but he’s probably at like six or seven so far when most moms get like one a trimester.  Oh and that’s just the extra stuff to do I still have to come in every two weeks and then after 36 weeks every week like normal.  Which is why I freaking feel like I should just live up there.

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