Friday, December 5, 2008

Presenting soon to be Dr. Leann Williams… and Keira

My really good friend Leann came out from Omaha Nebraska where she’s going to school to be a Doctor, a Peds one to be exact so if we’re lucky Keira will have a really good one we personally know. =)  Anyways Leann will graduate in May along with practically everyone else I know who’s still in school.  She came out to interview for one of several places to do her residency program.  She did several just here and more back east and in L.A.  While she was out she just had to see Keira.  In fact she told me she wanted to really really see her and oh yeah me too.  Just not as much as Keira. Yep, I see the love  I know.  hehehe Anyways here are some pictures from her visit.  Keira by the way was perfect for her didn’t even cry once.  Which she bragged about leaving because when she handed her back to me yep… I got cried at.  Oh and I know she blinks a lot.  In fact she’s the only person I know who blinks more than me.  God bless her for that. =)








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