Friday, December 12, 2008

4 month checkup

We took Keira for her four month check up today and she is 25 inches tall and just 1/2 an ounce from 13 pounds.  Which puts her in the 75 percentile for her height and 25-50 percentile in weight.  Her doctor isn’t concerned about her weight though.  She also said Keira’s head is normal now (if you remember it was flatter on the right) so yeah! We don’t have to worry about that.  Keira though got attacked by the evil shot monster i.e. the nurse for her second set of shots. When we come in at six months in February she’ll get the last of this set and then the nurse said she’ll get a six month reprieve.

Dr. Lichtsinn also said that we can start giving her rice cereal and stage one veggies and such to try.  It won’t replace breast feeding but will allow her to try and ‘regular’ way of eating.  We also asked her about Keira’s bad habit of needing to fall asleep on us and she said sooner is better for breaking her of it… and that includes her 4am sudden need for food that’s been lately happening.  I’m supposed to feed her more during the day to get my milk up for her so that she doesn’t need that.  If she does try to get us up we’re supposed to ignore her for a bit and then be ‘boring’ if we see her.  Not feed her and such unless she’s sick or just won’t stop. Well that’s it for the update.

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