Sunday, December 21, 2008

Getting bigger

Keira’s definitely getting bigger.  I forgot to mention it awhile back but she’s changed diaper sizes from a Kirkland 1-2 go a Kirkland 3.  (Their Costco diapers)  Which in Pampers is moving to a size 2. We know this because her Doctors office gives you the ability to use some of their diapers if you didn’t happen to have one.  And since Mike had been saying that hers were looking like “Thongs” in his words on her I decided to try one out.  They weren’t like that just to set the record straight but they did make her look she had a really fat tummy. Anyways the bigger diaper fit really well so we went out and got more of the correct size that day.  I donated what she had left unused to a diaper drive her Doctor’s office was doing.

Keira’s also gotten taller that’s for sure.  She still fits most of her 3-6 onsies and such but that’s definitely not true for her sleeping outfits or anything with feet.  Keira’s gotten so tall (25 inches) that she wears 6 month outfits now and if its a Gerber outfit. (She got some as a gift) She’s barely fitting a 6-9.  Gerber as you can see runs small so I’d definitely stay away from them for our growing little girl. Knowing her with growing though I’m not sure how much longer she’ll even be fitting her 6 month outfits.  Right now her feet barely fit inside the foot section (too little feet wise)  but she was like that not long ago with her 3-6 outfits and then suddenly she was barely fitting in them in a bad way for her little toes.

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