Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Three months old

Keira turned three months old today.  She’s gotten really big and it feels like she was just born only a month ago.  She’s been doing really well but the past few days she’s been moody and majorly droolly.  I told my mom that and she suggested Keira might be teething already.  Apparently I started early and from what I’ve looked up it follows whatever the parents were.  Mom said I stared early but my teeth came in in stages so that my be what’s happening to Keira.  She definitely fits everything about teething that I have in my baby book for the first year.  At first I thought she was perhaps sick but it didn’t seem quite right and teething definitely fits it so Mike and I agree that may be just what she’s going through which explains why she’s so cranky and not herself.  She’s been only wanting to sleep literally on me and won’t willingly sleep in her crib. To the point that I’ve just napped with her on me, something I’d normally never do but she’s feeling crummy and she and I just both wanted a nap. Hopefully this will end soon though so our sweet little girl comes back.

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