Monday, November 3, 2008

Family Reunion

Today Keira and I went to a huge family get together for my side of the family.  The largest in truth that I’ve ever been to.  The only people missing were Mike, and a few of my cousins, Stephen, Nathan, Lisa and Sara who lives across country.  My cousins Amber and Stephens wife Cathy and their children flew out for it like I did.  Amber from Nor Cal and Cathy, Maddie and Tyler from Oregon. It was great because all the great grand children were there and I got to see my cousin Therese and her daughters again and I hadn’t seen the girls since they were born.  And the older ones are 7 and 6.  Here’s some pictures from the event.



Zoe and Maddie playing in the leaves                                             Therese’s daughters Zoe and Lily



Mom holding Tyler                                                                   Therese and her youngest Tehyah


IMG_0853 Cathy and Sally holding Tyler and Keira with Al in the back      Mom, Sally and Cathy with all the babiesIMG_0856










Me holding Tyler

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