Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finally back from the Hospital

Well I went in for sinus surgery on Friday and ended up at the hospital until this afternoon.  Why you ask, well I had had a slight cough that was dry and they didn’t care about before surgery.  When I woke up after surgery I couldn’t breathe well and had diminished lung capacity because of it so I was transferred to Osborn Hospital.  It ended up that I have double pneumonia.  Yep, double pneumonia.  The doctor said in all his twenty years he’s never seen someone who was healthy in their book wake up with it after surgery.  Sucked ass in the hospital the first day by the way because of how nauseous everything made me.  I ended up throwing up  or at least trying to seven times.  Well anyways I’m finally back home, well drugged and unable to lift ten pounds for two week. 

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Mama Bree said...

ugh! that sounds awful! so sorry to hear. but, I'm assuming the sinus surgery went fine??

Happy Mother's Day! :)