Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We went to Cali for Kym’s nursing graduation and saw everyone a bit ago. Mike just hasn’t gotten around to uploading the pictures to the server and neither have I.  Kym and Vince also came out and saw us for a night while they were out here for vacation.  Right now I’m kinda bummed because I learned a good friend of mine is losing her job in two months and she’s been though enough already but alas there’s nothing I can do about that.  As for us if you stand her up and make sure she’s got a good position Keira will hold a standing position for a bit.  We also have to lower her crib this weekend because when I went to take a shower this morning and put her in it to play I had to come back for a unhappy girl and discovered she had pulled herself up so that she was frog sitting on her legs with her arms wrapped around the top bar and her head glaring over.  Needless to say harmless, as Mike pointed out, now but as I reminded him if she gets her feet under her she could fall out so this weekend we’ll have to lower her down a bit.  As for me I’m still getting over the double pneumonia I got from my surgery and I can’t seem to get rid of its cough.  To boot I have to have the damn thing again.  Why? You ask.  Not because the doctor did a bad job but because a rogue baby ran into my nose 4 days after surgery.  Her daddy lifted her out of my lap vertically and not away from me like I would’ve thought he would.   Needless to say I screamed and cried my ass off about it while Mike coolly declared he hadn’t hit me with her and  that if she had randomly hit me it wasn’t that hard (so I shouldn’t be so dramatic about it) and I should’ve protected myself.  Yeah……   Anyways the doctor said I was the first have that happen to for him and he was very irritated that it was actually worse off then before I had the surgery. It’s now severely deviated to the left where if you look really hard you can see it on the outside. It also affects my breathing from that side of my nose and before it had been from the right for deviation and I could breathe just fine thank you.  Mike of course was surprised by this since he truthfully didn’t think she collided that hard, Keira didn’t even notice, but I reminded him that I had just had surgery and that the nose bone (cartilage I know) is very delicate and small.  Also after seen the doctor remove it the splints holding my nose bone together were just magnated to each other so they would’ve moved together with the blow to which we both kinda frowned at.  They were huge by the way.  Well anyways if my cough is gone (It has to be) I’ll be having my surgery on June 12…again.  And this time I better not be hospitalized again or get phlebitis in my other arm that’s all I have to say about it.

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