Monday, October 13, 2008

Look at me I’m Keira R. …

Yes, I know I stole it from Grease the movie but I don ‘t care.  Anyways here are some recent pictures of Keira.  And if you notice she’s getting really big in comparison to her bobby. (the pillow she sits in). DSC_0002DSC_0003

The Zen look or look at my feet                            I didn’t used to fit like this.

DSC_0014 DSC_0015

Uhh…are you sure?                                                                    Hehehe…I smiled.DSC_0016

Watch out I’m crazy!~

1 comment:

Mama Bree said...

whoa! she totally looks like Mike in that 2nd pic! (the one that says "I didn't used to fit like this") :)

Love the pics and yay on all the great news with growing and reaching the 2 month milestone! Has it already been 2 months?!?