Monday, October 13, 2008

Two Month Checkup

We took Keira for her two month check up today and she’s now one ounce short of being 10 pounds. Whoo hoo!  Course we kind of figured she’d gained a good amount considering she’s heavy to us now.  She also gained half an inch in height making her 22 1/2 inches.  The doctor said she looked great but we have to work on making her lay with her head to the left (a problem from the beginning) and not the right since the right is now becoming flatter than the left. 

Besides that Keira received her two month shots (three shots in all) for five different things.  She of course ‘loved’ that and since then has been kind of mad/cranky/unhappy but who can really blame her for that.  Mommy had to rescue her from the ‘evil’ nurse afterwards and comfort her.  Mike volunteered me because I was close but I couldn’t watch.  Not because it would hurt her, nope, because alas I’m a huge phobic towards needles.  Which is why you might see why I kind of consider him evil for volunteering me.  

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