Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby update

OK I’m currently 36 and will be 37 weeks along on Tuesday.  Mike, Keira and I went in for our last, to our knowledge, ultrasound today to see if he’s still breach and what his growth percentile is.  For those who didn’t know our little boy has always been very low normal range.  Basically if they’re at 10% or lower the doctors worry and he’s always been around 12 or 13%.  Which is why I’ve been going for NST’s (fetal heart monitoring) twice a week for about a month (I get out of it for ultrasound weeks) at Osborn Hospital since she can’t do it in office.  Luckily though we can stop that now.  Mike and I were rebelling from it to her when we unexpectedly realized we were getting billed for every freaking time I went since it wasn’t done in my doctors office but rather at the hospital. Lame ass insurance thing.  If any monitoring is done at her office, ultrasounds whatever, its free but anywhere else, no. But since our little boy received higher marks (36% as of today) Dr. Hunt ok’d us to stop in her eyes, otherwise we were going to have a ‘talk’ about it next week.  Meaning she’d say we have to go and we’d politely ignore her or make some kind of bargain.  =) 


Anyways the ultrasound today showed he was in the 36% for growth which is great since he’s only made 1 or 2% increases all this time.  The tech also made her first guess on his weight too but we forgot to ask just how accurate that is.  Her estimate by the way is 6 pounds 3 ounces currently  which beats Keira’s birth weight by 2 ounces but you have to remember she was born at 37 weeks so its not that strange.  As for the breach thing…yep, he’s still it.  In fact he’s exactly how I was when I was born, full breach.  He’s got his head up right up in my freaking rib cage on the right side which explains why its constantly feeling pushed out by the way.  Not only that the little devil’s got his hands AND his feet right in front of his face as well.  The last tech nicknamed it pike position since its what the high divers call it for diving purposes but that’s not the actual technical doctor term for it.  Because of this though I have to have a caesarean no matter what, unless of course he decides to move his head downwards.  Dr. Hunt warned us about this awhile ago since he’s always been in this position.  She said the procedure for turning him only is extremely high risk for me because of two reasons: 1) his growth ratio size 2) the shape of my placenta which apparently isn’t a regular oval but more like two kidneys with one attaching to me through the other which of course makes it fragile I suppose.  I.E.  they could break it if they weren’t careful and that would be very bad. 


Anyways she’s officially scheduled me for a tentative c-section on February 4th this week so that we could be on the hospital’s books.  It’s tentative for the reason that he could move and babies tend not to listen to when they’re supposed to be born so obviously he can decide no that doesn’t work for him and come sooner which would make me then an emergency c-section.  The irritating part of this though was that they were supposed to call me to book it and they didn’t so when I brought it up today when we went for our ultrasound and mentioned that fact only to discover that they booked it for me already.  Without asking me…or seeing if that even worked for me.  The office assistant even made it sound like they booked it that way because I had an apt on the 2nd with them, which I might add I told the girl not to schedule since that fell in the time frame the doctor said I’d be getting my c-section in, but as you can see she didn’t listen every well. SOOOOO irritating I tell you.  From what I’ve been told from every c-sectioned mom I’ve met its typically done 10 days before the due date but no mines 4 days.  Mike of course thinks this is great because for him it works out well work wise.  I though have been in a lot of strong pain (and I have a high threshold for it) and such and want it done sooner and not later.  I tried to talk to the lady about it today but unfortunately Mike kept interfering and said it was fine so just leave it.  Yes, I realize its best for the baby and such to stay in longer like he used as part of his sides argument later on (the other being it works well for him) but the boy does irk me when he ends it by telling me its best for everyone that way.  Because to that I naturally think… well I’m glad I’m a nobody then since I don’t agree. He also commented its ‘only’ 19 more days.  To which my little eyes narrow at and think, then YOU carry him and take the pain, since any women whose done the late stages of pregnancy knows there’s no such thing as only so many more days.  Its more like kill me now I have …. more days to go.


As of now though that’s what's basically going on baby health wise.  On the home front we’ve already got his room done (its a surfer theme) along with everything else I can think of besides perhaps more clothes when we know his actual starting size. (Keira surprised me by being preemie and we didn’t have any preemie clothes.  My mom had to hurriedly get us some to take her home in like the day before when I discovered to my horror what I’d brought with us was way to big.) Besides that we just need to buy a double stroller but for them to use but we’re waiting to see what releases for the 2010 models…if they EVER release.  We even picked out his name  (NO we won’t tell you so don’t ask) which I knew would suck for me because Mike isn’t used to the newer style names so he devastatingly killed almost all my favorites with his veto rights on names.  Naming goes like this: I pick them and he tells me which he can’t stand, leaving me with my list of options to work with. With Keira I learned the harsh truth that he dislikes unisex names because he doesn’t want the child confused gender wise by their teacher and others. (Hence why her first name isn’t Riley) Me… I don’t see the problem with those types of names, as I teacher I’m used to them and most teachers are as well.  With boy names the new style (such as Hayden, Aiden, Jaden) seems too feminine to him and yes they ironically rhyme.   When it came to ideas from him…(I was desperate to ask this by the way) all but one of his ideas for unique names to me were and actually are insanely common. (I hate commonly used names…like ironically his or Jenny.  Since there so many of them. Case in point Mike has had like eight friends named Mike as well since I’ve known him)  An example for you of his name ideas was Christopher… which I might point out is in the top five most commonly used of all time names. It’s like third I think. Good luck by the way as a teacher NOT having one every year in your class.  I’ve had two with the same last name initial in one year alone. Which is another reason I hate the name…one of my Christopher's was irritating.  Such teaching experiences can ruin names I tell you.  I loved the name Damien and Brandon for a long time and then I got two of them in my class.  One of each I loved and wouldn’t have had a problem naming a child it. Brandon from third grade I would’ve even spelt his way Brandyn since he was so cool.  But the other Brandon I had in my second grade class….(shivers) would only bring up bad memories every time I heard it. That kid was like the devil incarnate.

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