Saturday, July 25, 2009

San Diego

Keira and I went to San Diego to visit Aunt Bekah while she was out there visiting from Georgia where she currently lives.  Bekah’s one of my longest friends who’s like a sister to me so naturally I couldn’t resist seeing her when she was so close by.  While out there my mom, Keira and I went to the La Jolla Birch Aquarium. Below are pictures from Bekah’s visit and the aquarium.  Videos from there will post later after they upload.

IMG_0117 IMG_0118 IMG_0119 IMG_0120 IMG_0121 IMG_0122 IMG_0123 IMG_0124 IMG_0125 IMG_0126 IMG_0127 IMG_0128 

IMG_0129IMG_0102 IMG_0103

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