Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So my mom will be satisfied

Here are the pictures my mom complained for.  They weren’t on the server (left on laptop only) when I put all the pictures up from Christmas, cause trust me I actually look.  Like I stated before, or at least I think I have, I have no intention of letting people tell me what to put up and what to write on my own blog so strike one in my book.  And yes, I know I might sound mean but this isn’t the first time someone’s dictated to me what I need to put or write, yes I was actually told what to write on my own blog.  To which Mike politely replied when I told him, “If they don’t like it they can create their own.” Smile. 

Sorry if I sound extra moody but you would be too if you’re starving and can’t eat anymore today.  Weight Watchers sucks right now in my book.  But only because they’ve limited my portions and food.  Which is good I know but tell that to my starving tummy. On top of that I’m trying not to be sick…and not really winning. While little Ms. Keira gets extra grouchy again, which is most likely teething, unless of course she’s getting whatever I’m getting.  Which I blame on my stupid allergies and sinuses but who knows. 

I have videos I need to put up someday by the way but I’ve been doing school stuff, attempting not to get sick and all that so bear with me. Sadly though I’ve forgotten what they are…it’s been awhile.


Anyways here are the pictures she wanted and I’ll give her that they’re very  nice.  Dad just needs to pose more with Keira to get more shots of them up.





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